Reno, Nevada observes Thanksgiving with Christian-Muslim-Hindu-Buddhist-Jewish-Baha’i prayers

In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Nevada (USA) celebrated its 25th Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve Service on November 24 evening at Trinity Episcopal Church in Reno with various religions/denominations coming together to pray.

Christian (various denominations), Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, and Baha’i prayers and other readings were held on the occasion giving thanks to God. Participants included Episcopal rector Stefani Schatz, Buddhist priest William Bartlett, Jewish rabbi Myra Soifer, Roman Catholic readers Joe Bell and Rocio Grady, United Methodist pastor Judith Bitter, Muslim imam Abdulrahim Barghouthi, Hindu leader Rajan Zed, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints elder Nicholas Frey, Baha’i elder Roya Galata, Robert Petrovich of International Community of Christ.


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