Dr. Kenneth Cragg: Bible Study Guides

kenneth craggIn the years 1957 to 1962, the Near East Christian Council published a sequence of Study Papers under the title OPERATION REACH, of which there were five series, covering some fifty different, and basic, topics in Islam. The whole was intended as a venture in Christian understanding of Islamic belief and practice and as an aid to intelligent, expressive Christian ministry among Muslim neighbors.

As a follow up to this Dr. Kenneth Cragg, then bishop of the Anglican church in Jerusalem, published a series of study guides for Christians intended to help them link their own Christian journeys with that of their Muslim neighbors in the hope of fostering positive dialogical relationships.   Although written in the 50s and 60s these study guides remain relevant for sensitive Christian witness today.

Two series from this collection are available here.  The first is called “Emmaus Furlongs”, the second with a title I have given “Christian Reflections on Muslims Practices.”


Dr. Cragg called these studies “Emmaus Furlongs” based on the journey the resurrected Christ took with two men on the Emmaus road without their being aware that he was with them until they broke bread together. (Luke 24).   In Dr. Cragg’s own words:

“We call our venture Emmaus Furlongs and set it under a Qur’anic phrase about the opened heart that acknowledges the claims of its Lord.”

Click on each link for a pdf file of the study – available on line only here.

Study #1

emmaus vol 1 complete

Study #2

emmaus vol 2 complete

Study #3

Emmaus vol 3 all pages

Study #4

emmaus vol 4 complete

Study #5

emmaus vol 5 complete

Study #6

emmaus vol 6 complete

Study #7

Emmaus vol 7 complete

Study #8

emmaus vol 8 complete

Study #9

Emmaus vol 9 complete

Study #10

emmaus vol 10 complete

Study #11

Emmaus Vol 11 complete

Study #12

emmaus vol 12 complete

Study #13

Emmaus Vol 13 complete

Study #14

Emmaus vol 14 complete

Study #15

Emmaus vol 15 complete

Study #17

Emmaus vol 17 complete

Study #18

Emmaus vol 18 complete

Study #19 

Emmaus vol 19 complete



The Meaning of Ramadan May 1957



6 thoughts on “Dr. Kenneth Cragg: Bible Study Guides

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  2. Thank you for this resource – a fitting memory to Kenneth Cragg. Emmaus Vol 16 is missing for your list. Can this be located?

    • Hi, David,

      In fact, I have just received from my source another set of resources from Cragg. I hope to put them up in the next week. I have a feeling the missing Volume is among these resources. If not I’ll ask him if he has what you are asking for.

      Appreciate your interest. Dr. Cragg has been a bit of a mentor to me for many years.

      John Hubers, PhD

  3. Thank you for getting back to me. I am a PhD research student at Heythrop College London and Kenneth Cragg is main focus of my thesis.
    I look forward to the ‘missing’ Vol 16

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