International Muslim History Month kicks off, celebrating contributions of Muslims throughout history

LONDON: International Muslim History Month kicked off on Monday, serving as an opportunity to appreciate and learn about the contributions of Muslims throughout history.

IMHM, which begins on May 1 every year and is currently marking its third year, is a month-long celebration of the rich and diverse history of the Muslim community, organizers said.

“IMHM is an important opportunity for us to reflect on the many contributions made by Muslims around the world and appreciate their impact on our shared history,” the New York-based World Hijab Day Organization said in a statement.

This year’s theme is #GetToKnowMuslims and “it emphasizes the importance of learning more about the contributions of Muslims throughout history, and how it can help us celebrate the diversity and richness of our global community,” it added.

WHD, which also launched World Hijab Day in 2013, called on people to commemorate the month by sharing their solidarity poster or joining the conversations on social media in an effort to “dismantle Islamophobia and promote diversity by learning more about our fellow humans.”


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