Bangladesh likely to remove Islam as state religion

The Bangladeshi State Minister for Information, Murad Hassan, has said Islam is not the state religion and the country will soon go back to its original secular constitution of 1972 envisioned by founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“We have the blood of freedom fighters in our body. At any cost, we have to go back to the constitution of ‘72. I will speak in Parliament to go back to the constitution that Bangabandhu (Sheikh Mujibur) went through. Even if no one speaks, Murad will speak in Parliament,” he said in a statement.

“I do not think that Islam is our state religion. We’ll get that bill enacted in Parliament under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s leadership… This is a non-communal Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a secular country. Everyone will practice their faith here.”

The original secular constitution of Bangladesh was amended during the rule of General HM Ershad in the late 1980s and Islam was instituted as the state religion.


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