Antisemitic and anti-Muslim content is flourishing on TikTok, report finds

Image by David Farfan/Pixabay/Creative Commons

(RNS) — Researchers analyzing TikTok for extremist content have discovered videos that portray Muslims as supporters of terrorism, clips supporting Holocaust denial and users glorifying the mass shooters behind the Christchurch mosque and Tree of Life Synagogue attacks.

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London-based nonprofit that tracks extremism online, released a report on Tuesday (Aug. 24) that found TikTok “operates as a new arena for violence-endorsing, hateful ideologies.”

Over three months, ISD analyzed a sample of 1,030 videos, equivalent to about eight hours of content, and found that 312 of the clips promoted white supremacy. More than 240 videos showed support for organizations or individuals tied to extremism or terrorism.

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The study, authored by ISD investigator Ciarán O’Connor, found that TikTok creators use coded language as well as the platform’s video effects, layout and music to promote hate. It also highlights tactics they use, such as restricting comments on their videos, to evade being reported to TikTok.


One thought on “Antisemitic and anti-Muslim content is flourishing on TikTok, report finds

  1. Sadly, it does not surprise me that a platform like Tik Tok, with its connections to China, should be the place where anti Muslim and anti Jewish rhetoric runs wild. China is pursuing an anti Muslim agenda in Xinjiang, and “powerful” regimes like the Nazis are seen as what the world needs.

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