‘Ignore baseless rumours’ — Muslim scholars say Covid vaccine permissible even if it has pork

New Delhi: The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has become the first Muslim body in India to categorically state that Muslims are permitted to use the Coronavirus vaccines, even if they contain pork extracts, as it sought to dispel all rumours suggesting otherwise.

In an advisory issued Saturday, the JIH said, “Islam gives great importance to human life and also emphasizes on its protection.”

It added: “If an impermissible object is transformed into another thing, totally different in properties and characters, may be considered as clean and permissible. On this basis, the use of Gelatine derived from the body part of a haram animal has been considered to be permissible by Islamic jurists. Same is the opinion of some jurists about pork Gelatine.”

JIH vice-president Salim Engineer said there is no objection in using a vaccine which uses pork, if it is the only option. “If there are other options, then that’s great. But if this is the only option available, then there should be no guilty conscience in using the vaccine. This is a matter of life and death,” Engineer told ThePrint.

Even as spokespersons of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca — the three top vaccine makers — have clarified that pork products are not part of the vaccines, pork-derived gelatin is known to be used as stabilisers for safe storage and transportation of the shots.

Last week, Mumbai’s Raza Academy wrote to the World Health Organization (WHO) seeking details about all the vaccines being developed and whether they contain pork extract.

“We just wanted to know which vaccines contain what elements. If there are vaccines that don’t contain pork then we will use those. This isn’t an advisory, but merely a request for transparency,” Saeed Noori, general secretary of Raza Academy, told ThePrint.


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