Graduate Studies Director – Egypt


Job Description:


  • Cairo, Egypt

Assignment Includes:

  • Overseeing the administration of the graduate studies program of the seminary in collaboration with the Graduate Studies Committee, the academic dean, and the registrar
  • Recruiting, promoting, and overseeing the annual admission of new students into the program. Developing the graduate studies course curriculum and monitoring student progress towards its fulfillment.
  • Contributing to the continuing theological and biblical education of leadership in the Presbyterian Synod of the Nile and other church-related organizations, as requested
  • Teaching five courses during the academic year.
  • Updating program student manuals annually.
  • Helping the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) to envision and pursue graduate programs that appeal to students throughout the Arabic-speaking world as well as the students throughout the world who are interested in understanding Middle Eastern theology, biblical interpretation, history, and culture.
  • Fully participating in the spiritual, academic and community life of the seminary.

Site Information:

The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC), Egypt, an institution of the Presbyterian Synod of the Nile, is the oldest and the largest Protestant Arabic-speaking seminary in the world. Its graduate studies program, founded in 1999, serves several dozen students, primarily pastors and lay leaders from the Middle East, by offering master’s degrees in Biblical Studies, Christianity in the Middle East, Systematic Theology, and Organizational Leadership and Management. The program currently includes a ThM degree and the institution is developing partnerships with other institutions to offer DMin and PhD degrees.

Egypt is home to a rich Christian history and heritage. Due to its enormous population of over 102 million (in 2020), it remains one of the largest Islamic countries of the world and is the seat of the influential and respected Al-Azhar University, a leading international Islamic institution.

The Christian community, while comprises roughly 10% of the overall population, still represents the largest Christian presence among all Middle Eastern Countries. The Coptic Orthodox Church claims as many as ten million members. The other Christian churches, although small, are vital and active. Indeed, Evangelical churches in Egypt made significant contributions to the Arab Spring, a contribution recognized by Christians and Muslims alike.

The Evangelical Synod of the Nile was founded in the nineteenth century by American Presbyterian missionaries. As has been the case here, as elsewhere in the Middle East, the original impulse of the western missionary movement was to the world of Islam. Nonetheless, the converts were almost entirely from the Orthodox Christian family, a source of irritation and distrust that exists to the present day.

The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) is the largest Protestant Arabic-speaking Christian seminary in the world, with a student body of over 450. Four years of training in the traditional disciplines leads to a Master of Divinity (MDiv). Other degrees offered include the Master of Theology (MAT) and Masters in Leadership and Management (MLM). DMin and PhD programs are in development in cooperation with other major seminaries. Students from other Arabic speaking countries attend, due to the excellent quality of education and the relative security of Egypt.

Experience and Skills:

  • Ph.D. required; fields preferred: Biblical Studies, Church History, Historical Theology or Islamic Studies
  • Administrative and classroom skills and experience preferred
  • Knowledge of Middle East context and ability to support positive Muslim-Christian relations preferred
  • Knowledge of Arabic helpful

Terms and Conditions

This position is supported under the terms of ELCA Global Mission Expectations and Support for Long Term Global Personnel. Those provisions include: international transportation, transportation related to work assignment, pensions and major medical coverage, assistance with schooling for children through high school, housing and cash salary which is adjusted according to the goods and services differential for Egypt.

If Candidate is Married

Both must complete an application for this position, even if the spouse will not be fulfilling a specific role in the ministry. In the context of global mission service, a spouse is seen as a representative of the ELCA and of the receiving church regardless of their actual role. It is important for the ELCA that both members of a couple understand the role of missionary and are comfortable with that reality. In addition, an accompanying spouse receives an appointment to service by the ELCA and the support package for mission personnel includes compensation for an accompanying spouse.

General Qualifications for ELCA Global Personnel

  • Christian faith and a commitment to the mission of the church
  • Openness to various expressions of Christian faith and respect for people of other faiths
  • Respect for beliefs, values and customs of church and culture where assigned
  • Well-developed inter-personal skills demonstrating understanding and compassion
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out the responsibilities and the ability to adapt to different standards and practices
  • Ability to work within the framework of a local administration
  • Adaptable and flexible – sense of humor – good physical and emotional health
  • Live and serve in a way which reflects the vision and expectations of the ELCA

Notice: Rostered ministers and lay leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America who apply for a position in the churchwide organization must have completed Rostered Minister Profile papers on file. Please add as a safe site to your email account.
If you are having difficulties with the application process, please click hereNeed Help Applying?

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