Muslim candidate responds to hateful message with kindness

Stafford, Virginia — When you’re Muslim and running for U.S. Congress, as Qasim Rashid is in Virginia’s first, you expect vitriol.

“Just some of the most grotesque things that you could ever say to anybody,” Qasim said.

Here’s one example: “We do not need you(r) ilk in our nation.  Let alone in any seat of office above street sweeper.”

“I didn’t believe there was a place for them in our government,” said Oz Dillon, who was hoping to rile a response with his comment — and boy, did he get one.

“I stared at the screen just reading it over and over and over,” Oz said. “He reached across that gap and took my hand.” Qasim Rashid et al. posing for the camera: oz-and-qasim-front-lawn-2.jpg © CBS News 

When Qasim looked at Oz’s old Facebook posts, he found lots of offensive comments — but he also learned he had crushing medical debt, to the point where he even set up a GoFundMe account.  And that’s when Qasim knew how he had to respond.

He posted this note to his 400,000 followers: “My faith teaches me to serve all humanity. So I’ve donated $55 to his GoFundMe. Please donate if you can.”


One thought on “Muslim candidate responds to hateful message with kindness

  1. I encountered Qasim on Twitter a couple years back and began to follow him. I contributed twice to his campaign for Virginia State Senate, and now once to his campaign for congress. Among the several people whom I’ve not yet met, he’s high on the list for persons I want to meet. I hope it is in his office in DC after his election, and only for long enough for a handshake or a hug.

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