Charter of New Alliance of Virtue: Read full text

webRNS-Alliance-Virtue1-020718Charter aims to build global peace, based on tolerance and religious freedom

Abu Dhabi: A group of the world’s most respected Islamic scholars, faith leaders joined by experts from governments, and representatives of civil society organisations signed on Tuesday a new charter to build global peace, based on tolerance and religious freedom.

Launched and endorsed during the final day of the sixth Assembly of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies in Abu Dhabi, the “New Alliance of Virtue”, aims to elevate religious freedom, cooperation, and tolerance from mere possibilities to necessary ethical commitments and legal obligations, especially in relation to the protection of places of worship whose attacks have threatened freedom of religion in many parts of the world. This initiative draws direct inspiration from the earliest traditions of Islam.

Following is the full text of the Charter.


The signatories of this Alliance,

Affirming the shared values of the Abrahamic faiths, as well as the rights with which all human beings are naturally endowed;

Asserting that religions of the Abrahamic family have common and distinct theological and ethical traditions, each of which values human virtues, and each of which requires peace and mutual respect and tolerance in order to flourish;

Asserting that collaboration between people of all religious faiths or beliefs provides an effective vehicle to strengthen the foundations of peace in the world;


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