No Ma’am, that’s not Islamic history

A couple of years ago, somebody — I cannot now recall who it was — challenged me to watch Brigitte Gabriel’s 16.5-minute video Islam: The Undeniable Truth, which offers her summation of the somewhat more than  fourteen centuries of Islamic history.

I finally got around, somewhat later, to looking at the first four minutes of her video.  (I tired of it, and I had other things to do.  I never got back to it.  But I hope to finish watching it at some later point.)  Here is a link to her video:

And here are some of the notes that I jotted down regarding that first quarter of her purported historical summary:

I’m not sure that the Prophet Muhammad ever claimed to be the last of the prophets.  I assume that she has Qur’an 33:40 in mind, and it’s true that many if not most Muslims interpret it that way.  But I’m unconvinced.

Muhammad was only able to recruit his own immediate family and friends in Mecca?  Not true.  Some of his immediate family didn’t become Muslims.  And a number of Meccans other than his friends and family did become Muslims.  Including some quite important ones.

Did Muhammad decide to leave Mecca for Medina because of his failure to convert a lot of people in his home town?  Not quite.  He left Mecca, and took his followers with him, because they were being severely persecuted there, because there was a specific plot in Mecca to kill him, and because the leaders of Medina had invited him to come.  Ms. Gabriel has misrepresented this story rather badly.





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