Remembering a Towering Presence in Christian-Muslim Dialogue: the Rev. Lewis R. Scudder


This past Saturday a memorial service was held in Chicago to celebrate the life and contributions of a larger-than-life figure in Christian-Muslim dialogue, the Rev. Lewis R. Scudder, who passed away a year ago in his beloved Cyprus.

Rev. Scudder came from a long line of Reformed Church in America missionaries who served in various parts of the world  stretching back to 1819.   His own unique contribution arose out of his rootedness in the culture of the Arabian Gulf having been born and raised in Kuwait where his first schooling was in an Arabic medium school.  His mastery of the Arabic language and culture  led him in his later years to serve as a translator for the Beirut-based Middle East Council of Churches, but perhaps his greatest contribution was translating Arab culture to American Christians who knew (and continue to know) little about what is uniquely inviting and intriguing about the Arab world with its rich history and storied (and at times conflicted) cultures.

From 2004 – 2012 Lew wrote a monthly series of articles reflecting on various topics of interest arising out of current events and historical realities for Middle Eastern peoples.  He called these monthly musings “Morning Land Meditations.”  A link to the entire collection in one pdf is just below the obituary. Click on the link at the top of the page for the individual articles.

Obituary from the Arab Times 

* * * * *

Morning Land Meditations



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