Blog: The Brown Hijabi

The writer of the previous article recommends this blog to get a contemporary Muslim woman’s perspective on life as a Muslim woman wearing hijab .  Bookmark it.  Some great insights here helping to humanize people who are too often categorized and stereotyped.  

A recent post from the blog:

Becoming Market Niche isn’t the same as Becoming Free

I fully fully back the importance of representation. I get it. I get that it matters who we see because that impacts what we can imagine. It hurts to be unimaginable. It hurts to never be an image equated with beauty. It matters that more and different body types and shapes and colours with different features and hair textures and skin tones get visibility and get platformed to expand and destabilise what ‘beautiful’ means; to reject the control ‘beauty’ has over our beings. I truly believe that children the world over would be able to imagine more hopeful and dynamic futures for themselves if they saw themselves as valid and existing complexly in the world.

Having said that, I have one caution and central fear: we cannot equate our liberation with our inclusion into the bracket of [beauty].


I say that mainly because trite as it sounds, beauty is an industry. It matters which bodies and people get represented as beautiful and as fashionable, but it also matters that beauty and fashion are businesses.

I fear that our inclusion on glossy magazine covers and advertisements is more about businesses accessing markets they’d previously overlooked so they can capitalise off our money. Of course there are small businesses out there, there are people platforming their bodies and their own beauty-standards at the grassroots. But the pernicious strength of neoliberalism rests in its capacity to assimilate us into it.



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