Jews and Christians must oppose Trump’s ‘Muslim ban.’ Again.

gettyimages-633021640When Donald Trump last called for a “Muslim ban” as a presidential candidate, Jewish and Christian leaders across the United States immediately raised our voices and condemned his plan.

When Trump hastily issued an Executive Order, preventing citizens, travelers, and refugees from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, Jewish and Christian leaders across our own diverse theological traditions and denominations took to the streets, airwaves, and airports to stop the ban. We celebrated the justice won when courts across the country placed a stay on the order.

Now Trump is trying to get his revised “Muslim ban” to pass legal muster once again. Our response as Jews and Christians must again be united in voice: not in our name!

 This new travel ban attempts to achieve the same exclusionary end. As White House policy adviser Stephen Miller told Fox News last month, it will “have the same basic policy outcome.”

That “same basic policy outcome” means discriminating against six Muslim-majority nations, establishing a policy that the current administration’s own Department of Homeland Security deem unnecessary. Our refugee and visitor vetting systems are already very strong and effective.



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