Letter: Don’t get Muslims? Talk to them

muslim-americans-2From its onset, Islam has been a religion that promotes peace and belief in one God. Nowhere in the Quran does God invite Muslims to commit acts of terror or coerce non-Muslims to convert to Islam. Islam is, and will continue to be a religion of peace, compassion and tolerance.

All wars that took place during the birth of Islam were just, as were European religious wars. Both Mohamed and Jesus preached that killing is wrong. They encouraged their followers to love their enemies and to be peacemakers.

How then can ISIL, (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) a group of violent fighters, be equated with Islam?

The majority of non-Muslims has been led by the media to believe that Islam is a religion of terror and that it seeks to conquer the souls of those who do not conform to its beliefs or to the political views of ISIL, who to date have murdered vastly more Muslims than other religions. Since the actions of ISIL are so predictable, it should not be difficult for the leaders of the modern world to figure out their strategies, isolate them, block their financial means and deter them from committing further harm to thousands of innocent people.

With hundreds of Muslim leaders and organizations using the tiresome cliche that not all Muslims are terrorists, it would be equally safe to say that not all terrorists are Muslim.



One thought on “Letter: Don’t get Muslims? Talk to them

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