Mixed reaction to Trump from prominent Muslim Americans

88bac10963464b1288014e483d0f77fe_18After a divisive presidential campaign, Donald Trump became the 45th US president-elect, securing the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election on Tuesday night. Muslim Americans greeted the news with a mixture of emotions, with some reacting positively and others with great concern.

The leader of the Republican Muslim Coalition, Saba Ahmed, told Al Jazeera that she is super-excited that Republican candidate Donald Trump had won the presidency.

 “The Republican Muslim Coalition is looking forward to working with president Trump.”
While most Muslim Americans appeared to have been insulted and turned off by Trump’s offensive remarks against the community, especially when he said he wants to “ban Muslims from coming to the US” should he win the elections, Ahmed argues that Muslim Americans should put that behind them and “stop playing victims”.

Muslims in this country should become “more proactive and have strategic outreach to the Republicans,” she said. “We cannot afford to remain partisan and support only the Democratic Party.”

But for Moussa ElBayoumi, who heads the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) branch in the state of Kansas, Trump’s win is unsettling due to the anti-Muslim sentiments he expressed during his presidential campaign.

Elbayoumi called on president-elect Trump “to respect the United States constitution and the values upon which it is built”.



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