Just two days after Trump’s election, reports of anti-Islam attacks spike

american-muslimsLess than 48 hours since Donald Trump became the president-elect, reports of Islamophobia are already on the rise.

Attacks on Muslim Americans were already high before Trump clinched enough electoral college delegates to win the presidency on Tuesday night, with hate group experts attributing the uptick to his candidacy. But the situation appears to have worsened since his win.

Here are just a few examples of Muslim American reporting instances of harassment and assault this week.

  • A San Diego State University says she was robbed and may have had her car stolen by two men who “made comments about President-elect Donald Trump and the Muslim community,” according to a statement from campus police. Officials are calling the attack a hate crime.
  • 14947592_1335305786503529_8328536135183398637_n



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