Catholic Church fuels resiliency of Christians and Muslims in Aleppo

Despite the Syrian city of Aleppo still seeing an unsettling magnitude of violence and conflict, a Catholic Church is actively helping and providing hope to both Christians and Muslims who have remained in the city.

According to Jesuit priest Fr. Ziad Hilal of the Catholic international charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), the Church has recently been stepping in to feed the hungry, the majority of which are Muslims.


“We have a big kitchen, this kitchen was sponsored by ACN and other associations, and a lot of people who come — we give about 7,500 meals every day,” Fr. Hilal said, as quoted by Christian Today.

“It is a lot, and the team is a Muslim and Christian team, and a lot of the people who benefit from these meals are Muslims,” he added.

Providing the basic necessities such as food already goes a long way in making people more resilient and hopeful that things will turn out for the better. The people of Aleppo need such support more than ever, especially with the recent multiple deaths brought about by the intense fighting and the thousands of people being displaced. Power and water were also cut, affecting about two million people.


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