On CNN, Muslim-American Advocates Decry Trump’s Attacks On The Khans As “Inappropriate” And “A New Low”

JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): I just want to start with you and get your general sense of this moment that we’re in right now because this is highly unusual. We have a presidential candidate in this ongoing war of words now with Gold Star parents, who happen to be Muslim-Americans.

FARHANA KHERA: Yeah, well, first of all, I want to thank the Khan family for their extraordinary bravery and sacrifice. I mean, I can’t just begin to imagine the courage it takes, frankly, to stand before millions of people while you’re grieving the loss of your son who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Mr. Trump’s attacks on the Khan family, a Gold Star family, is frankly beyond the limits of human decency and really is a new low in this election campaign. And unfortunately, it’s also part of a disturbing pattern for him. Just a year ago he attacked Senator John McCain, a war hero and a former prisoner of war, because he basically said that he doesn’t care for people who are captured. He doesn’t think they’re war heroes. So this is really testing the limits of human decency in our country.



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