Cardinal: Don’t let Marrakesh Declaration ‘die a death of silence’

marrakeshiNote:  This article brings to light an important document that was framed by a diverse gathering of Muslim leaders in Marrakesh in January of this year.  Its focus is on the need for Muslim majority countries to protect the rights of religious minorities as a mandate of the Islamic faith.  Here is the link to the page dedicated to this declaration:

Here is the article urging more attention to be paid to this declaration:

Noting the untimely death of previous declarations of Muslim comity with other faiths, Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, Washington’s retired archbishop, urged that the Marrakesh Declaration, drafted in January to have the same effect, not remain ignored.

McCarrick, during a May 10 “Newsmaker” assembly at the National Press Club in Washington, referred to the Medina Charter issued by the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, which allowed Muslims and non-Muslim “tribes,” including Jews, to live in Medina in peace and to come together for common defense.

Those principles, he said, have been distorted by groups in different parts of the Muslim world, “taking the Quran and taking the writing of the Prophet and using them for their own agenda … for power over their own people.”

McCarrick recalled a fatwa — a learned interpretation a qualified jurist or mufti can give on issues pertaining to Islamic law — issued 10 years ago by the Islamic Society of North America. He said it preached interreligious harmony and received great attention by assembled notables and reporters, but then it dropped out of sight.

The same was true, he added, for a similar declaration issued at around the same time by the king of Jordan — ignored after an initial outburst of praise.

As we mark the one-year anniversary ofLaudato Si, be sure to download NCR‘s readers’ guide to the encyclical here.

That was before Daesh,” one of the names used to refer to Islamic State, McCarrick said. The situation is more urgent than before, when, according to the cardinal, few believed Muslim militants would slaughter not only non-Muslims but Muslims who held different opinions.






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