No Muslim can justify that Quran teaches violence – Most Reverend Idowu-Fearon


The Secretary-General of the Consultative Council of the Anglican Communion Worldwide and former Archbishop of the Anglican Communion (Kaduna Province), Most Reverend Josiah Idowu-Fearon, has hinted that the killings in the country by Boko Haram terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.

He stated that he has never justified violence but that the Quran does not support it despite that the killings had always been attributed to Islam.

In an interview with the Punch, the Most Reverend said there is no difference in ethics and values between Christians and Muslims and called on any critic to challenge him over his stand that there is not any difference between Christianity and Islam.

On why there is so much killings wherever there is Islam, Fearon stated, “That is a very good question. I go back to my Bible and to my field of interest. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have the tendency to be violent. There is violence in these religions. Why? It is because they have written scriptures. Any religion that has a written scripture can be misinterpreted. Interpretation is the problem.

“You talked about violence. In the Quran, you are told; there is no compulsion in religion. It is there. The Quran does not allow you enforce your religion on anybody. It is not allowed; it is clearly stated.

“The Quran makes it clear that we are different. You have your religion; I have my religion; to you your religion; to me, my religion. So, it is a question of interpretation.

“I am not justifying any violence – my Muslim brothers know that I am totally against anything like Boko Haram or Muslim vandals going to kill people and destroy their property. That is not the teaching of Quran. They cannot justify it; just as I as a Christian cannot justify the killing of Muslims in Central Africa today. That is my area. I cover Africa. I am the Chair for the Programme of Muslim-Christian Relations in Africa. I am telling you what is happening. You cannot justify it. So, the bottom line: we need to go back to obeying what we have in our scriptures.



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