Muslim, Christian faiths teach care for our planet

IMG_2116Whether Christian or Muslim, faith leaders agree that working as a careful steward of our planet is all part of God’s will.

That’s the message of faith and environmentalism that will be shared at 6:30 tonight at the Spirituality Center at Assisi Heights.

“Our Common Call to Care for Creation: A Muslim and A Christian Response,” will feature insights to the shared Christian and Muslim belief in caring for our resources, from Sr. Kathy Warren, co-director of the Office of Franciscan Life in Mission at Assisi Heights, and Dr. Muhamad Elrashidi, assistant professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic and a member of the Rochester Muslim Community Circle.

“Humankind is created to serve as a vicegerent and just steward of creation,” said Elrashidi. He explained the Quran is full of examples of God placing humanity in a special position to care for His creation. “And not to despoil it, but to maintain it even as humankind is able to benefit from it,” he said.

The Biblical creation story, Warren said, is the beginning of God’s call to care for the planet. “The creation accounts suggest that human life is grounded in three fundamental relationships: with God, with our neighbor and with the earth,” she said.

El-Rashidi and Warren both listed a litany of verses from their respective holy books admonishing the faithful to care for creation. “The earth is God’s,” reads Psalm 24. “We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them carelessly. We have not created them but for truth,” says, the Qu’ran (44:38-39).

Dr. Elrashidi said it is Mohammad, the Prophet, who stands as an example of how Muslims must live their lives. A translation of a famous quote from the Prophet reads, “The world is beautiful and verdant and God, who is exalted, has made you as his stewards in it, and he sees how you acquit yourselves.”



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