Muslim leaders denounce terrorism, seek understanding at interfaith talk

Leaders from across the region came together March 22 for an interfaith discussion led by Wayne County Commissioner Raymond Basham (D-Taylor). The gathering was just one day after a terrorist attack in Belgium for which ISIS claimed responsibility.

The attacks in Brussels killed at least 31 people and injured more than 300, including Americans.

“We heard today about Brussels and we condemn what is happening,” said Habnab, adding that the Islamic extremists are a very small population of Muslims. “That does not represent Islam at all. We need that voice from every podium, every mosque to condemn and deny such aggression, such crime.”

The Rev. Paul Drutchas of St. Paul United Church in Taylor stressed that the key to religious tolerance is to have deeper conversations and understanding among Christians and Muslims, but also to hear from their neighbors in faith where they stand.

“The Muslim community is in a bad position,” Drutchas said. “It’s unfair that you have to assert this and that people don’t understand, but I think there is value in your word made known. It’s important for everyone to hear that this is condemned by the Muslim community in the U.S.”



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