Christians, Muslims Unite Against Extremism as Nigeria’s President Calls Islamic Radicalism a ‘Tragic Paradox’


Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari,  said at a major peace conference that the teachings of Islam forbid extremism in all forms, making the wave of radical Islamic attacks worldwide a “tragic paradox.”

“The tragic paradox of the global insurgency situation is that most of the atrocities committed by various insurgents all over the world today, are being carried out mainly by people who pretend to be Muslims, yet most of the victims and casualties are equally Muslims,” Buhari said Thursday at the opening of the International Islamic Conference on Peace and Nation Building in Abuja, according to Nigeria’s Daily Trust.

Buhari added that any group that preachers lawlessness and extremism is ‘irreligious and unacceptable’ to Islam, and urged religious leaders to stand up and oppose false teachings that motivate violent insurgents.

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