I went to a Trump rally in my hijab. His supporters aren’t just racist caricatures

5168by Kaddie Abdul


I went because I firmly believe that Hamid was on the right path: it is important for people to stand up peacefully for the right things, even if we are confronted with physical and verbal intimidation. It is important to give people that may not have ever met or interacted with a Muslim an opportunity to meet her and learn about Islam from someone that actually practices it. And it is important, at a time when people like me too often face discrimination and hatred living our daily lives, to be polite, and yet be visible and present when we are the subject of political speeches.

And nothing bad happened to me at the rally: there were some hard stares and dirty looks, but no outright rude behavior. I spoke to several lovely people and had the type of informative and substantive discourse that one should expect at a political event. It was good to see that the bullies and thugs who have been fixtures at several other Trump rallies had taken the day off; maybe they were just too shocked to say anything directly to me.

Before this weekend, I’d never staged any sort of civil disobedience act; before this weekend, I had been perfectly content to never attend a Trump rally. But Hamid inspired me to make myself visible to the kind of people the media suggests hate me, and to make myself available for their edification.



3 thoughts on “I went to a Trump rally in my hijab. His supporters aren’t just racist caricatures

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  2. Guessing you discovered People don’t Just hate others. People are concerned for Safety from threats, not from good people. Glad you were able to have a better than expected experience.
    As I am sure you have seen, the Turmoil in the middle east is Bad for everyone there and concern is it spilling over.

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