Muslims in the U.S. Face Enemies on All Sides

thumbRNS-AHMAD-COLUMN010415There is a saying in the Middle East: “Some days are for you, and some days are upon you.”

No doubt the latter is the case for Muslims now.

Prominent from within are al-Qaida and ISIS. Their hateful words and violence violate the principles of Islam. Muslim scholars and leaders worldwide have unequivocally condemned ISIS for linking its outrageous deeds to a distorted and false interpretation of Islam.

Their ideas and actions are based on revenge, by any means whatsoever, on those who have invaded and occupied Muslim lands and on those who have supported them. And they kill many Muslims in the process.

An innocent life is one of the most sacred things on earth. Taking an innocent life is a heinous crime. If the people gunned down in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., were not innocent, who is? The Quran is clear: “That whoever killed a human being — except as a punishment for murder or for spreading corruption on earth — shall be regarded as having killed all mankind, and that whoever saved a human life shall be regarded as having saved all mankind.”

Any individual who identifies with any religion, ethnicity, or nationality can commit criminal acts. Associating these crimes with an entire group is a reductive, irrational tribal idea.



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