How Jordan’s Muslims and Christians promote Christmas unity

Beyond unfortunate tragedies in the Middle East, lies another world that is unfamiliar to many. While living in the United States for four years, I learned that many Western citizens perceive the Middle East merely as a region filled with religious fanatics, and few are aware of the Arab world’s peaceful spiritual celebrations, its Christian population, and the harmonious coexistence between many Arab Muslims and Christians. While some extremists continue to create violence in the region, they do not represent the majority of Arabs.8fb73c67-d60c-426c-8796-d85172a73f37_16x9_788x442

The Middle East is home to people of both religions who work together in the same offices, cook family meals with one another, and support each other’s dreams and ambitions. It is a home to many motivated children and hopeful parents who aspire to make a positive difference in the world.

This year, the Christmas season in Jordan’s capital city of Amman embodies some of the region’s religious festivities, the unity that exists between Christians and Muslims, and the peacefulness that is instilled within the hearts of many Arabs. Amman’s new downtown area, the Abdali, is hosting a month-long Christmas market for all residents: “Christmas at The Boulevard.”


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