Muslims stand against terrorism with red, white and blue signs

muslims against terrorismKENTWOOD, MI – After bowing in prayer Friday afternoon, Ahmed Abu Ibrahim stood along East Paris Avenue SE, holding a sign to show passing motorists that he opposes terrorist attacks perpetrated in the name of his faith.

The Egyptian-born Muslim called it “horrible” that people who hadn’t done anything wrong were randomly murdered earlier this month in Paris.

The religion professed by the Muslim terrorists is not his religion, he said.

“We keep hearing people say ‘Why don’t you condemn terrorism?'” said Abu Ibrahim, flanked by his two young sons. “If we don’t speak up, people will think we agree with it.

“Every religion, you’re going to find extremists. It’s like a disease and we’re trying to extract it from the community.”

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Dozens of Muslims stood along East Paris in front of At-Tawheed Islamic Center following afternoon prayers on Friday, Nov. 27. Among their red, white and blue signs: “Islam is peace. True believers don’t kill.”



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