Christian pastor in Michigan helps Muslims share their stories

macomb-muslims-2092When the Rev. Michail T. Curro was a community organizer in the ’90s, he was already deeply entrenched in the fight against discrimination and racism.

His political and social life has been built around this issue, starting first with Christian work, which eventually led to an interest in other faith traditions, including Islam.

Curro, executive director of the Interfaith Center for Racial Justice (ICRJ), wants to build on those roots, hoping for a true dialogue that raises awareness and dispels common myths associated with Islam.

“A large part of my work was just trying to bring together the community to identify and address shared issues,” he says.

Recently awarded a Heritage Grant from the Michigan Humanities Council, the ICRJ plans to use the $25,000 grant to tell a little known story – the Muslim community’s impact on Macomb County.

The story engine will be driven mostly through a planned series of videos featuring the multifaceted world of Muslims in the Macomb community; ideally from the perspective of doctors, lawyers, engineers and other professionals. A website is being developed, as well as an anti-Islamaphobia conference, and a “Unity Mosaic” depicting the experience artistically. Interviews with 100 adults and at least 25 Muslim youth are planned.


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