The Muslim, the Christian, their differences, and their fears

4I had the rare opportunity recently to interact separately with two fundamentalist men; one Muslim, one Christian. Each feared the other.

The Muslim man is a successful professional living in a state out West. He believes Islam and Muslims are under siege because of a worldwide conspiracy by Christians and Jews to defame, malign, and undermine their faith.

Otherwise a worldly man, he sees everything through the prism of historic injustices the West has done to Muslims going back many centuries, including the subjugation of Muslim lands by white European colonists. He thought the talk of pluralism and interfaith engagement was another ploy by the West to suppress Muslims.

The other man was a long-distance trucker from Manitoba, Canada. I ran into him at a truck stop in Monroe. A relatively recent immigrant to Canada from the Netherlands, he said he believes that Muslims are trying to take over the world and that Islamic State is just the tip of a monolithic Islamic iceberg. He said he believes that all Muslims, 1.6 billion, are part of a conspiracy to undermine Christianity and impose a barbaric religion on the world.

He blamed Muslims for the current global unrest. To him, the Qur’an encourages the killing of non-Muslims. He also said he believes that all Muslims are suspect and that Muslims put up a front of friendliness to deceive Christians.



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