Thoughtful views on Islam needed, not simplicity

i-am-a-muslim-please-dont-hate-me_189680600Re: “Charlie Hebdo attacks prove critics were right about Islam,” by Carol Swain, Jan. 16.

No one doubts the awfulness of the attacks onCharlie Hebdo and their consequences for France and other countries, for Muslims and non-Muslims, above all for the ideals that we treasure and have often suffered for.

The terrorists have achieved too much success. Others will certainly try to imitate them. We have to stand firm and overcome.

But overcome what? We have all seen what results from attacking the wrong enemy: Iraq and Afghanistan, the costs in American blood and treasure, and in Iraqi and Afghan blood and treasure, derive from tendentious information, dishonest leadership and destructive reaction.

Thoughtful, informed policy is at a premium. Our leaders have to marry our real needs and entitlements as free people with the equally real needs of security in the internet age. Simplistic nostrums such as that offered by Dr Swain are not the answer.



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