Muslim World Cup Players Weigh Options for Ramadan

The month-long fast may affect players’ performance in the knockout stage

Ramadan observance could affect a decent number of World Cup teams: Among the 16 remaining squads, France, Nigeria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Nigeria all have more than one Muslim on their squad, while the Algerian national team is made up exclusively of Muslim players.

Muslim players have some options, though. FIFA Chief Medical Officer Jiri Dvorak suggested at a Monday media briefing that players observing Ramadan can ask religious authorities for an exemption and make up for the missed fast days at a later time. And during the 2012 Olympics, the United Arab Emirates’ soccer team was exempted from fasting during the tournament by the country’s highest religious body.



One thought on “Muslim World Cup Players Weigh Options for Ramadan

  1. I wish players don’t get much affected by the Ramadan fasting. According to Holy Qur’an, it is obligatory for every Muslim to fast during the month of Ramadan, but I think sportsperson should be freed from such rule as not everyone can fast while playing such a crucial game. May Allah bless you all and protect you
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