Iowa Women Come Together for a Day of Prayer to Unite Christians and Muslims

bildeWomen of numerous races, cultures and traditions will gather worldwide Friday to encourage interfaith dialogue in celebration of World Day of Prayer.

Susan Wakefield, the chairwoman of ecumenical development for the Church Women United of Johnson County, said the idea of living peacefully together depends on having a cooperative perspective.

“Some of the purposes of Church Women United is to strengthen the visible ecumenical community, and so we want to increase appreciation and respect for women of all ages and traditions,” said Wakefield, who also is a former president of the CWU. “People of different faith traditions can work towards the same goals for peace.”

World Day of Prayer is an international movement of Christian women of many traditions who meet once a year to observe a common day of prayer on the first Friday of March. This year, the Church Women United of Johnson County will host the area’s service in Coralville at Community of Christ, 2121 S. Ridge Drive.

Women from more than 170 countries and regions will host the event. Friday’s Coralville registration will begin at 9:30 a.m., with the service starting at 10 a.m. The event is open to men and women of all faiths.



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