Mitt’s Muslim Problem: Controversial anti-Muslim Adviser

After a prominent Baptist minister proclaimed last week that Mormonism is a non-Christian “cult” that would ideally disqualify adherents from the White House, Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney enjoyed a full-throated defense from people all over the political spectrum who considered the pastor’s remarks an ugly example of religious bigotry. But Romney, a practicing Mormon, may soon find himself facing allegations of intolerance from another religious minority: American Muslims.

The Daily Beast has learned that the nation’s leading Muslim advocacy group sent a letter to the Romney campaign late Tuesday calling for the ouster of the candidate’s recently appointed foreign-policy adviser, Walid Phares. In the letter, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) refers to Phares as “an associate to war crimes” and a “conspiracy theorist,” citing ties to a violent anti-Muslim militia. Scholars and leaders throughout the Islamic community are adding pressure on Romney to drop the adviser immediately. (The Romney campaign and Phares did not immediately respond to requests for comment.)

2 thoughts on “Mitt’s Muslim Problem: Controversial anti-Muslim Adviser

  1. This attack on Professor Walid Phares is offensive against Muslim liberals and Middle East Christians. It is based on false allegations, with libelous accusations by CAIR. Professor Phares is a respectable author and adviser to lawmakers. Who he knew during his life in his previous homeland doesn’t define who he is. His books and articles are clear in terms of pluralism and democracy. He is the only author who predicted the Arab spring in his book The Coming Revolution. When the editors at Christian Muslim Engagement becomes offensives and associates to demonization, they lose their credibility in engagement

  2. This site exists to help people become aware of current debates and issues surrounding Christian-Muslim relations, drawing particularly on those issues that effect those relations. We also try to bring to peoples’ attention issues that the mainstream press either buries in its back pages or doesn’t cover at all. Phares himself has been accused, rightly or wrongly, with demonizing Islam and Muslims. The fact that you felt the need to do the same with CAIR only underscores that point. This was a controversial appointment that the American Muslim community (not all, but certainly the most representative groups) are protesting outside the attention of the main stream media. It does, in this case, fit the criteria which we use for articles we wish to highlight.

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