There’s no room for hate at Christian-Muslim get-together in Texas

Christians and Muslims will sing, dine and laugh side by side as neighbors Sunday in Keller.

But one political activist sees nothing fun about the Building Bridges With Fellow Texans event at NorthWood Church.

The idea of Christians and Muslims making friends or having fun together is “heresy” — “repulsive and impossible,” according to a poison-pen e-mail from Dorrie O’Brien of Grand Prairie, who fears Islamic extremism beneath that platter of hummus.

Pastor Bob Roberts, founder and 26-year leader of the Southern Baptist-affiliated church, said he’s almost at a loss for words.

“They’re trying to stop Christians and Muslims from getting together as neighbors,” Roberts said Thursday after O’Brien’s e-mail spread on the Web.

Roberts has blogged at about complaints from “super-fundamentalist angry mean-spirited people who are driven by hate of others more than love of God.”

The event, at 5 p.m., does not include worship, he said. An Irving mosque organized Muslims for the event, timed as a unity gathering after the 9-11 anniversary.


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