Muslims and Evangelicals in Dialogue and Cooperation

If asked to identify factions clawing at each other’s religious throats on the American and world stage, who would you cite? Protestants vs. Catholics? Muslims vs. Jews and Hindus? In popular consciousness, Evangelical or evangelistically minded Christians and Muslims are two plausible contenders. Controversial publicity alleges unwelcome proselytizing by the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Christians in Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia and elsewhere fear for their homes, worship spaces, and very lives, sometimes ostensibly converting to Islamin hopes of procuring greater safety. Zealous political pundit Pat Robertson observes, “The entire world is being convulsed by a religious struggle … whether Hubal, the Moon God of Mecca, known as Allah, is supreme, or … the Judeo-Christian Jehovah God of the Bible is Supreme.”

Is conflict inevitable? Fighting and fighting words aside, relations between Evangelicals and Muslims are far from uniform. More quietly but no less significantly, Evangelicals and Muslims are seeking sacred flourishing together and collaborating to alleviate human suffering.


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