American Family Council Spokesperson Calls for Muslim Deportation

It was only a matter of time.  A spokesperson for the American Family Association is urging the deportation of Muslim Americans.   This is where an ignorant  “other-ization” of people of other faiths leads.  Thus the need for blogs such as this.

(from Right Wing Watch)

Last week, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer followed-up his call from last year to purge all Muslims from the US military with a call to purge all Muslims from the United States in general.

Today, Fischer has returned to defend his call for all Muslims in the United States to be deported immediately by claiming that every Muslim has a “solemn, sacred obligation to kill as many of their hosts as possible” and it is therefore “a form of suicidal insanity” to allow them to stay in the US .

Fischer admits that while not every single Muslim is out to destroy the US, since we can’t know which ones are ahead of time, it only makes sense to view “every new Muslim immigrant [as a] potential threat to the safety and security of the United States” and to treat all Muslims citizens as traitors.


3 thoughts on “American Family Council Spokesperson Calls for Muslim Deportation

  1. We are surrounded by Somalian muslems in our apartment complex and it has been nothing but problems. There have been a small handfull of them that have been nice to us, but the majority has stollen from us, been violent towards our two daughters and been very disrespectful.
    My husband sometimes volunteers at one of the local food pantries and one time a small group of Somalian muslems came in and grabbed cases of food that were just delivered and fled to their car with them and drove out of the parking lot with them. WHat’s worse is I learned that many of them go to local food pantries asking for free food and turn around and sell it at their local businesses for a profit. They are thieves and feel justified in doing so just because we are not in their religion.
    Now I know not all muslems are like this, as I was invited into a muslem family’s home when i lived in Maryland and they treated me with utmost hospitality and I did not leave their house hungry. I know there are nice ones out there. But most Somalian muslems are extremely rude and violent and I have read many parts of the queran and understand that the muslems who are really following its writings will be much less tolerant of anyone who is outside of their belief system. Unfortunately our government is actually ENCOURAGING them to migrate into our country to destroy our American culture, so I don’t know how far this person is going to get in successfully getting a lot of them out of this country, but I agree that it has become a very big problem. Their hate towards us is very strong so it won’t take much for them to come upon the rest of us with a full fledged war.

    • Scott and Susan: your comment underscores the reason for this website, which is to help people realize that the kind of stereotyping you exhibit here is a distortion of who our Muslim neighbors are. To suggest that those who have stolen from the food pantry have done so BECAUSE they are Muslim is to suggest that the religious community to which thieves belong should be blamed for their crimes. In this case the number of baptized Christians who are thieves and murderers in America far exceeds the number of Muslims who engage in such crimes. Would you assume in this case that there is something wrong with Christianity? “I know there are nice ones out there” hardly balances your previous comment out, as the suggestion remains that even though there are some who are “nice” we should, in fact, be wary of all because we’ll never know which ones are good and which ones are bad. This is the very definition of prejudice as it offers judgment on a group based on the behavior of the few. Unless you are willing to do the same the next time you hear of a Christian engaging in a crime (Christian in this case being defined the same way you are defining the Somalis – as members of a religious community whatever their beliefs may be), then you need to stop doing it for Muslims, as well. Or maybe you do think the same way about Christians – that there are some who are nice, but we need to be wary of all of them, because there’s something wrong with these people that causes them to do such things.

      What is “destroying American culture” is the prejudice you are showing here as it contradicts everything that is good about this country.

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