Eastern Kentucky Grad Working to Change Face of Islam

RICHMOND — To many in the Western world, the face of Islam may be that of a suicide bomber or members of an angry mob shouting “Death to America.”

Those are not the only faces of Islam, however, and Rushda Majeed, who graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2004, is working as program director for the American Society for Muslim Advancement to change the perception of Islam in America and abroad as well as help shape its future.

Majeed, a native of India who holds a master’s degree in international relations from Columbia University, returned to her alma mater Thursday night to deliver a lecture for EKU’s “Creative Inquiries” Chautauqua series.

The definition of Islam is “submission to the will of God,” she said, and that means “being compassionate and kind to other human beings, include others who may not be like you.”


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